Our Church members are blessed with gifts and talents which are being used for Gods Glory!

Mahonnathuda - Composed by Sis. Prashanthi

Chrismas song (Gollalole) 2022 - Composed by Sis. Niveditha

Easter song 2022 (Jaya Ho) - Composed by Sis. Niveditha

Christmas song 2021 (Immanuyelu) - Composed by Sis.Niveditha

Christmas Skit 2017 - "The Three Trees" by Church group at TCF Houston Christmas celebrations.

Special song on Hurricane Harvey by Church group


Vinthaina Taraka by Sis. Prashanthi Burre


Athyunnatha Simhasanaasenuda by Sis. Prashanthi Burre


Dorakanu Samasthamu Yesu by Sis. Prashanthi Burre at CFC 2016


Mothers Day 2016 - Children's Play